Director – Bouwine Pool

Bouwine Pool (1974, Amsterdam) studied animation at the HKU, university of the arts Utrecht, where she got her diploma in 2000. Since then she has worked as a free-lance director and animator on commercials, music video’s, television series and directed 2 independent animation films.
Her work is mostly very personal in visual style and has a subtle and gentle quality. She likes to tell character driven stories with an educational message. Stories that convey an appreciation of nature and are based on optimistic values.  Instagram


Producer – Jiek Weishut

Jiek Weishut (1979, Epse) is chairman of The Drawing Room, an established animation production and design company in The Netherlands. He has been working in the animation industry since 2003 being the executive producer for numerous animation and design projects. Setting up production pipelines for advertising agencies, production companies and broadcasters. Jiek Weishut is co-founder of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, co-founder of the Platform BNO Animation and member of the Dutch Animation Producers Association since 2006.



Creative Producer:​​ Patrick Chin
Creative Producer:​​ Greg Lawson
Production Company:​ The Drawing Room

Key Animation:​​ Bouwine Pool
Animation:​​​ Marianne Eijgendaal, Wiep Teeuwisse, Mirte Tas
Colouring/Shading:​ Renske Cuijpers, Manouk Pijnacker, Marianne Eijgendaal, Claire Sebring, Rianne Stremmelaar
Backgrounds:​​ Patrick Chin
Compositing:​​ Serina Shek
Editing:​​​ Patrick Chin

Music Composer:​​ Miguel Boelens
Music Performers:
​ Harmen Fraanje (piano), Yonga Sun (Drums), Michael Moore (Klarinet),
 Joost Buis (Trombone), Miguel Boelens (Saxofoon), Dion Nijland (Contrabas)
Recording & Mix:​​ Chris Weeda
Recording Studio:​​ Power Sound Studio
Voices:​​​ Lola Boelens & Hetty Feteris
Song:​ “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” 
written and composed by Jocob Jacobs, Sholom Secunda, Saul Chaplin & Sammy Cahn. Performed by Al Bowlly. Courtesy of Warner Bros Music.
Sound Design & Pre-Mix​: Rinus Aarts
Final Mix:​​​ Jeroen Nadorp (Bob Kommer Studio’s)

DCP Mastering:​​ René Stapel (Haghe Film Digitaal)

Special Thanks:​ Lawson & Whatshisname BV, The Netherlands Film Fund, Miranda Sloot, Dorien van de Pas, Peter Lindhout, Karlijn Landman, Peggy Knook, Patrick Chin, Juna Chin, Oma Käte, Jaap Berends, Joep Grootings, Studio Pupil, Wip Vernooij, Jona Rotting, Pa en Ma Chin, Sharon and Gerrald Chin, Beldan Sezen, Peter Wassink, Marinka Achterberg, WdKA, HKU. All family and friends

Please download the Bei Mir Bist Du Schön Factsheet here.